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Knowing what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat can be a hassle sometimes. Trying to stay within your dietary necessities as well as finding a healthy option can almost seem impossible. With Smackerz meal preparation plan, we take the burden right off of your shoulders.

After you have tried a few daily meals and gotten an idea of how scrumptious and fulfilling all of our meals are, you'll be ready to have your meals personalized to your needs. By simply filling out the information panel below, you'll be contacted by our nutritional specialist as soon as possible to partner with you and find out what you would like to be eating, your fitness goals, and what days you'd be interested in.


The more days you sign up for, the better the deal and the offer will be. We also offer trial period prices if you still aren't sure you are ready to commit. All prices are unique to each clienteles nutritional necessities and weekly expectations. 

All plans are interchangeable week to week to fit any changes that may arise for our clients. Life happens and we are here to accommodate our clientele through all of it. Smackerz Meal Prep team will accommodate to any lifestyle changes within your meal prep plans in the week to week structure. For example if a client were to be interested in converting from a standard meal plan to trying out a Pescatarian meal plan, we can create a trial week meal prep and allow that client to try it without committing to it, so if he decides after that week that he'd like to revert back it would be hassle free.

As previously stated every meal is prepared and delivered either on a daily or every other day basis depending on individual clientele schedule and availability, to ensure the freshness of every meal and to offer the best quality meals possible.

Whether you are trying to meet a fitness goal, spend less money a week on food, or just trying to eat a little healthier for the new year, Smackerz meal prep programs are a great affordable way to get it done.

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