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Go back to the furthest memory of attending an event you can muster. What is one memory of that event that immediately brings that event back to life for you?? THE FOOD!! Allow us to make your next event the most MEMORABLE with our delicious dishes.

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Catering Styles

Personal Meal Setting

Book a 'Personal Meal Setting' for that special dinner or plan out that perfect picnic you've been wanting to setup for you and that special someone, this is the perfect option for you.

Exquisite Personal Plating

Want to impress every guest at your event, not just with the food, but with your beautiful plate settings. This package is for you. This package includes all the glitz and glamour and none of the stress to you! 

Buffet Style

The most recognized catering style made Smackin' Fly! Expecting a surprising size of guests? Buffet style option is flexible and allows the guest to choose how much they want. A lot of little or a little of a lot.

Why Choose SMACKERZ catering?


Smackerz catering and events takes every event as an opportunity to immerse your guest in a culinary experience while they enjoy their festivities. From the moment you decide to go with Smackerz for your event our caterers begin creating the perfect menu and layout for your event. No matter the time frame given, we will remember every necessary detail of your event beyond the menu. We even color coordinate with your events theme. Smackerz isn't here just to bring the food and drinks we bring personality, great vibes and FIVE STAR SERVICE!!!


Catering packages can include but aren't limited too:  Hors d'oeuvres, starters, entrees, side dishes, desserts, and anything else you'd desire. Options even exist for extra servers to be present per your request. We can accommodate facilitating the event or have the catering delivered to you for a private event. Again anything you desire we bring into fruition. 


On the day of your special event the last thing you'll have to worry about is whether your guests will all be fed and if they'll enjoy it, because we will make sure of it! Smackers wont just leave you on clean up duty either. All packages come with 30 mins- 1 Hour prep time prior to the event as well as clean-up services after your final guest has left.

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Overall Smackerz catering will leave you and every guest at your event extremely happy!! Happy Booking!


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